Top Tips from Willie Wood M.B.E.

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Want to improve your game?

At El Cid we are lucky enough to have three qualified instructors who are more than happy to help you in either group or private sessions to assist you to improve your game.

Instructors: David Bluff, Ian Brown & Sara Hamer

Please ask any of the above people for assistance if you would like some instruction.

Culture Within the Game

Australian stalwart and National Coach of the Bowls Association Australia national side Steve Glasson has joined the Bowls International Magazine.  He has written the attached article regarding the correct behavioural procedures and how to adopt a welcoming and friendly culture within a club.

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Stay Hydrated!

It's easy to lose 1 litre or more of sweat during each hour of exercise. Sweating is a very good cooling mechanism. Try to replace sweat losses during a game. Grab that drink. Don't wait until you're thirsty. Thirst is not a good indicator of fluid needs during exercise. Drink before, during and after exercise. Be well hydrated before you start training and playing in a competition.

Before: 300 to 500ml (two to three glasses) in the 15 minutes before exercise During: 150 to 250ml (5 to 8 oz) every 15 minutes
After: Replace all lost fluids (you'll probably need at least 500 ml, practice drinking at training.)

In warm weather, aim to be able to drink 800ml (27 oz) or more each hour. Don't miss an opportunity to drink. Don't wait until you are thirsty. Thirst during a game means you are very dehydrated.  Become a loo gazer just what is the colour of your urine (pee). You are aiming for a pale straw to clear colour, the darker or smellier it is the more dehydrated you are, by following these simple guide lines you could just be saving your life.

After a particularly hard game in hot conditions you might need to choose sports drinks, fruit juice, cordials or soft drinks. Drink non-alcoholic fluids until you are properly hydrated before you consider drinking any alcohol. Drink fluids until you pass clear urine. If you take vitamin supplements, your urine is likely to be a darker colour anyway. In that case, drink until you pass copious urine frequently. Only you can work out the amount of liquid you need in a given situation, so plan ahead have sufficient water and sports drink with you, carry it in small bottles so only one is open at a time, this makes it easy to check on liquid drunk over a game.


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