Generic Rule 22 - Clarification from CBBA Secretary

The Generic Rules are for LEAGUE matches ONLY.

RINKS OF PLAY - A player may play on the same rink on the same day provided it is in a different competition/match/game.

This Rule came into effect in 2011 after discussions with the CBBA, Federation and the CBUMA. However, there still seems to be some confusion surrounding it.

To clarify - some clubs play their own internal leagues/chicken drives/roll ups/pick n mix, call it what you will,  in a morning and then may play an inter club league match in the afternoon.  A player, who may have played in the morning, can then play in the afternoon (or evening) on the same day on the same rink (if so drawn) because it is a completely different type of event.

It has been stated that this gives them an unfair advantage - but the rinks, as we all know, change constantly throughout the day and there are only likely to be a few players involved. It therefore helps the drawing of the rinks for play and the need (as happened once) for consideration for a league match to be re-arranged.

Local Club rules will govern the rinks of play concerning their OWN INTERNAL competitions/matches etc.

I hope this helps clarify matters - any queries please refer to your Representative so that it may be brought up at the relevant CBBA/Federation meeting

June Jones
CBBA Secretary

2nd February 2013

Culture within the game.

Australian stalwart and National Coach of the Bowls Association Australia national side Steve Glasson has joined the Bowls International Magazine.  He has written the attached article regarding the correct behavioural procedures and how to adopt a welcoming and friendly culture within a club.

Click HERE to read this interesting & relevant article.

New Official Club Shirts for All.

In October 2012, the club took delivery of its new official club shirts, with each member entitled to a shirt free of charge.

Thanks to three of our sponsors, namely Direkt Optik, Europa Network & Lloyds Bank International, all members now have a new official club shirt.

Richard Watson, our sponsorship manager, along with Phil Hamer & Tom Dodd successfully negotiated a deal which has resulted in our club members looking like a team - and a smart one at that!!

Well done & thanks to all committee & members involved in the whole process from start to finish.

Changes to Club Dress Code from 19th November 2012

Important information for all members.

Please click HERE to see changes to our club dress code following delivery of our new club shirts.

CBBA Northern & Winter League Information

Please will all Northern & Winter League members take note of the following:

Dress Code

The CBBA Dress Code must be adhered to for ALL league matches.  Click HERE for information.
In addition, until our new club shirts have been delivered, we will continue to wear our club tie or cravat for all matches.


1. Before the start of a match, introduce yourself to your opposing team and wish them a "Nice Game" or other cordial greeting.

2. At the end of a match, shake hands with your opposing team and thank them for the game.

3. If you are playing at home, it is courteous to offer to buy your opponent a drink.


All El Cid players are expected to stay for the meal which follows every league game. Please advise your team captain in advance if you are unable to stay for the meal.

El Cid Bowls Club Championships 2013-14

Details of the draw, rules & play-on dates can now be found on the Club Championships page, as well as on the club notice board next to the green at El Cid.


We are happy to announce that our club now has additional sponsors, in general and for competitions. They are offering special deals for our club members, so for more information see the Sponsors page on this website.

Please try and support our sponsors when thinking about purchasing any products or services. The support our sponsors give to our club dramatically helps to improve the club finances and keep costs to members for club provided services to a minimum.

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